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I drive a 1998 Avensis 1.6GS. All was well until a month ago when the car would automatically cut out the engine when temp gauge reached middle. The temp gauge does not rise above this level. When this happens the car will not start. Starter etc do their job but engine does not fireup. When car cools down it starts up. I have recently changed coolant sensor and ECU still same problem. I have coils checked, sparks checked everything is fine but this problem still persists.

Can anybody advise?


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Intermittent faults are a pain to check. But electrical item such as the coil packs can degrade under temperature.

The only true way of finding a fault like that is to check everything out when the fault is actually there. This may seem silly, but it is difficult to diagnose a problem when it's not currently there.

See if the dealer can re-create your fault. Then they should know exactly why it won't start after a few checks.

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