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3s-ge No Performance :-(


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Hi guys,

i'm from germany and i'm new here. u got a nice community here :thumbsup:

i got a little problem with my T18 Gti and i hope someone can help me...

one week before i changed the whole clutch, i couldn't change the gears and when i tried to shift there were mostly only a looping. I thought it was the "only" reason why the force couldnt be transfered right...

at the same time i changed the spark plugs, there were looking not good... i took the platin spark plugs from NGK.

IN ALL: it's better now... but it's my second celica and i remember my first one (t18 gti)... the engine was wilder and was turning faster in the higher rmp zone.

The first 3 Gears (till 7200rmp) are ok but then when i change in the 4th gear the engine slows down and it's not runing uniformly high like before... and needs a lot of time to reach the 200km/h tag. the maximum speed is not higher than 210km/h in the 5 th gear. Let's say ex 170 / 180 km/h it's not the same engine...

Does somebody have an idea?

Thx a lot..

Greetings from germany.

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