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Have A Laugh

Catz Tatz

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Superman decides he wants a pint so he rings Spiderman,

Spi-dee do you fancy a jar, Spiderman say sorry Superman av been climbing walls all day and i'm knackered.

So superman gives Incredible hulk a bell, Hulkster you up for a bevvy.

Incredible Hulk says listen Superman av turned green today and ripped all my clothes, Supermans not impressed in the slightest, he thinks :censor: it am havin a beer.

So he goes out and downs afew, and on his way home he flew over Regents park were he saw Wonder Women lying NAKED, avin some of that he said, flew down "Whoosh" BANG BANG BANG and flew off.

Wonder Women says what the :censor: was that and the Invisible man said i don't know but it hurt my *****...............Ha Ha.

CHAT UP LINE...............

Am no Fred Flintsone but i'll make your Bedrock.......Ha Ha.

Cat........................................ :lol:

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Little Red riding hood was skipping thru the forest when she heard the wolf "Aaarrghhh"

Red riding hood screamed her head off, another 100 yards down the forest track she heard the wolf again"Aaarrghhh", Somebody Help me the wolfs here, the wolf scarpered. Another 100 yards down the track red riding hood heard the wolf again"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHHHH".

Just as she was about to scream the wolf popped his head out of a bush and said "will you shut the f##k up i'm trying to have a s##t.

Ha Ha.

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