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Hi BORODAFT here - I' a re-registering member..

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to fit a hardtop to my 2002 mister2 if it hasn't already got the fixings on the bodywork?

I was informed by a Toyota garage it was not possible

Has anyone succeeded in doing so?

Cheers - Kev.. :help:

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:o Hi ....When i bought my MR2 in July ..i was told that i would have to decide there and then if i wanted a hardtop as it is fitted on ordering the car,,,which incedently i think is about £2,100 (with air con) for this optional extra.......However myself i see no reason why you cant purchase your car without a hard top as the fittings are on the car anyway,,,and i have seen on E-Bay hardtops for sale at a snippet of the price .....obviosly you wouldnt purchase a 2nd hand hard top if the top shows more wear than the car ,,,My car was a treat to myself so i went the whole hog and splashed out and decided to buy the hard top and air con from the dealers.....also i bought the storage bag and trolley a few weeks later as the hard top was propped up in one of my spare rooms,,,now it is in my garage securley wrapped up and ready to be put back on for Autumn and Winter...P.P :thumbsup: Was great today driving through the Salford Keys with the roof down, enjoying the last few sunny afternnons before winter :crybaby: P.P

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