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Another Newbie! :)


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Hi Everyone,

Just joined up! I have recently bought a 1991 Celica GT. 5th Gen, If I have researched correctly. There are a few niggles which I will be picking your brains about, hopefully you can help. Oh I am 21 from Fife, Scotland. This is the 2nd Toyota I have owned, had a Corolla a few years back. Little Three door one, similiar to the GTi-16.

The Few Niggles....

1) What the hell is the red thing under the passenger side of the dash?

2) The Passenger Door has decided to lock itself and refuses to unlock. Is this common? Any ideas on opening the door so I can get the card off to check/fix/grease?

3) This is supposed to be a UK Car, How can I check? Anyone know the power figures? It seems faster than my Astra was anyway. lol Much better power delivery.

Typical Newbie annoying you already! lol My Last car was a 2litre converted MK3 Astra, still a MIGClub member.

Bob :)

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Welcome to the club!!

Can't really answer many of you Q's.

Think the easy ways to tell if it's a UK or an import are:

Imports have the square licence plates, no rear fog lights (look for one stitched onto the bumper), speedo may still be in Km/h, and I quess the books would be in Japanese.

Thats about all the help I can offer.

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If it was an import i`d have said the red thing was a flare.... But UK cars never had them fitted unless someones retro fitted it....... Got any pics????

The door lock..... Try undoing the little screw in the door handle, taking it off then playing with the operating rods behind. You cant take the door card off with the door shut.

Oh and welcome to TOC.... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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