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Yaris D4d Whistle


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I have an 03 Yaris D4D with 300 miles on the clock (2 weeks old). Unfortunately it seems to have developed a whistle at around 2000 revs but not a normal turbo whistle on the way up - it only happens when the revs are constant or falling. (Could be wastegate related ?). The sound is a bit like someone rubbing thier finger around a glass.

I have it booked in at the dealer but would be interested if anyone else has experienced this and whether it is normal...



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Thanks for the replies.

I have checked the intercooler pipes and nothing obvious is loose - but this is consistent with the problem only happening when the engine is hot.

I am not sure how could spark plugs could cause a whistle ? - not tightened properly ?



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no mate, i was pulling your leg. diesels dont have spark plugs :lol:

it could be anything, your air box, intercooler pipe, or just your turbo.

i wouldnt worry to much if it isnt afecting anything. if your really worried about it go ask toyota. im sure theyll have a nose for you. your car is under warranty, i take mine back if anything is slightly out of place. abuse it while you can mate!

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If i can add an opinion, it seems to me that a pipe is letting some air to escape, and as you said that it appears when you take off the foot of the pedal just when the turbo preassure is higher and have no way to go but released by the wastegate.

I would take a second look to see whats happening....

Hope this helps


Coyote from BA


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