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Engine Cutting Out


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Hi Everyone - hoping you can help.

I have a avensis on a X plate (1.8vvti) and for a couple of days now it has not been well :(

When I start it from cold the engine cuts out - when I rev the engine it also kinda stutters/coughs. When the car is warmed up it gets slightly better.

I took it to the nearest garage and got a diagonostic on it - it came out with the following:

1) Lean mixture bank one sensor one

2) Suspect air mass meter defect

3) Use fuel system cleaner to clean up injectors

The garage couldn't understand what was wrong with it!

Can anyone advice on how to cure the problem or what I need to do???

Appreciate all your help :)


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Hi Sheraz,

I would go for the cheapest option first.

Perhaps you should try to eliminate the blocked injectors first with AGS Injector Cleaner. Put this into your fuel tanks when it's about 1/4 full or less.

Drive the car at varying speeds revs etc. but make sure the engine is suficiently warmed up before you give it some welly.



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