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Toyota Yaris model SCP10 (1.0 litre)


Stage 4: HKS turbo kit. This kit is fully tested and has been designed as a 'bolt-on' kit. Compression ratio is left standard to retain driveability and keep costs down. HKS' own dyno figures showed power rose to 104ps (from 70) while torque was increased to 143Nm (from 95). Pressure is kept low (.4bar) for longevity and reliability. £1,800.00. This kit can be built upon as and when necessary for example lowereing the compression with high quality forged pistons, HKS front mounted intercooler, EVC-4 boost control system, sequential dump valve kit, additional fuelling etc. for power levels up to approx. 180bhp!




(will have to get a respray so cost will be about the same)

:censor: what to do

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Kit it out mate, the 1.0L is a top engine and if u want more response put an exahust and induction kit. The turbo kit wil put the iccle enigne under massive pressure.

I have a 1.0L and i pondered too over the same thing... Kit or Engine. Ifu want more power get a T Sport.

Also that kit will it fit the 3door?

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the kit actually costs 2100 quid. you got to add vat.

but i dont think it would strain the engine, it only runs at about .45 bar.

but to be fair, 1.0 engines are not ones to be tuned, coz there slow. and wont go faster than "slighty faster than slow"

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I know just dont want my car to look the part and get beat by corsa's....

i see your point still at the end of the day it a 1.L car and i wont be faster than 1.6 ..etc

(i do have a ford RsTurbo wich i have to buld first wich was half my idear to installing a turbo so i can get some learning in before i get to work on that beasty)

it looks SOOOOOOOO hard to fit a new head unit in the dam yaris

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its a piece of :censor: getting a HU in a yaris.

link in sig

and why oh why would you want to turbo a yaris if you have a RST???

with the 2 grand youd spend making the yaris a little faster, you could make your RS very very fast.

kit it out if you want to do anything mate.

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if you have the two cars



Civic siir

(9k and it can cook a Evo wich would you want)

Yarisboy i dident forget your wise words....

just the size of it is just a nuff to :censor: it up,

it a sony HU i wanted i the space

any one know about making up a boot to hold subs and amp in a show car stylÉ

whar it looks all flush

saw a place who sale premade ones (for VW only)

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concentrate on making your yaris look trick and your RS a speed demon.

and boot installs are quite easy in a yaris, the smal boot means you can make it look very full without it having to be. yu could buy a double 12 box and make it look custom.

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I like the look of the veilside kit ...

but doz any one else?

has any one a yaris with a Evo B/vent just to see if any one thinkz it would be a bad idear....



I saw in my mate's rx-7 boot a flat sub look like the amp but bit biger and very hevy but still havent hear it go

any one know the diry on them need space in the boot i want to fit two subs and an amp with neon

(YES i have took all you kind ppl 'z advice and just gona make a tripy ride)

got someone to do custom paint

dont know what to do ^_^ like a drag car i saw gray go's in to blue....like 10% 90% gray at back?

make fun of my idear's and poke me with sticks untill i get a good idear of hear one of yourz

wopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :ph34r:

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the veilside kit is blingin'

i reallt love that kit, its just hella pricey.

and an evo vent may look ok. im not too sure though. i might have a pish in photohop and see what happens..

and as for the paint job. no

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hmm, can't make my mind up. i quite like the lights and kit, but not the vent. i know that's not your car, but if you've got black rubbing strips like that, i'd get them sprayed up. looks much better.

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going back to the mention of turbo kit . Well id have to agree 1l engine seems a bit of a waste plus you would have to also sort out the ride and handling AND add bigger tyres so you could handle the extra power.

On the other hand , put the same mods on the T sport and you are talking some serious ***** kicking potential here . Better stil is you are prepared to wait till the end of this year then there should be the Yaris T sport Turbo version coming out . bigger alloys , different spoiler and stiffer hanlding . Priced at around 13 - 15 K i think . Supposedly it will be rated at 150 bhp !! woh man . One snag .. the insurance ? heh heh :drool: :P :thumbsup:

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photo looks good . Seems like the standard toyota accessory kit at the front and sides ( except the bonnet ) I agree - paint the black strips to match the car and as another nice touch spray the mirros to match too.

But anway , whos car is it - maybe we should be tell all this stuff to the owner .

" look mate your cars not quite right - touch it up a bit ok ? " lol :P :lol:

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ive take n the rubbing strips off my car mate, all smooooov.

and i know, the light arnt the best in the world, i just knicked the picture off the gallery. and played about with it. gt4 vent does look a bit silly, an evo one might look ok, ill have another fiddle tommorow, i aint staying late to play about with a car in PS, heh.

saying that, that one sorted just posted looks like a nasty f :censor: ker!

(why the roof intake though?!?!)

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waaaah ?

the second looks awsome ( should have put it in 2 fast 2 furious or something )

But I agree with the roof scoop thing . Bit over the top . Take that off and it is the b****cks

Browse throught the gallery section for a red yaris with custom body kit

check that out

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the vent on the gray yaris looks the part and the roof scoop is just there to all to looks and its not to silly

(micra with subu bonet vent and wrc roof vent thats all it looked so funny) :D

the cost for the vailside kits is at the very top of my range >>,,..,.,.,.,.BUT

>A<how meny ppl will have one

>B<its the best looking one (sorry anyone who has the carzone(i think) it sux))

>C<i am king and dont need a C :P

any one have input on a paint job very light cream with black claw scraps on the last 1/4 panel

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