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Fitting A Boot Light


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As you probably know the P1 yaris doesnt have a light in the boot which is a pain TBH. My first idea was to buy a white cold cathode tube and wire it up to the internal light - as when the boot opens the interior light comes on, so I wouldn't have to fiddle about with switches etc. Just before I was about to buy one I thought that I should be able to buy a boot light from a P2 and fit it - either from Mr T but preferable from a scrap yard.

Obviously this should work, but could someone with a P2 tell me the connections on the light (whether it's just a positive/negative wire), also if you could look at the internal light in the roof to see how it is wired in (if it is?), and the location of the light in the boot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, plus if anybody knows/can suggest how to run a wire from the light in the roof down to the floor/back of the car it would be appreciated.

Cheers :thumbsup: !

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On a P1 if you open the boot the interior light comes on ...... not sure about a P2 (answers please P2 owners :thumbsup: !)

Also P2 owners if you open a door does the boot light come on or is it just the interior light ...... and vice-versa for the boot?

I was also thinking of making the connection across the bulb so I could operate the switch on the unit to turn off the lights IE for cleaning my car, or turn them permanently on.

I assume this is a similar set up to those who have fitted neons to the interior light ..... any answers guys whether the switch still operates?

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:lol::rolleyes::lol: !

Well if you must know I have a maglite 4D torch in the boot (you missed that one out Mr Earpl!) ..... but I can't find it cus it's dark! Plus I don't want to be holding a torch in my hand when I need them to take stuff out the boot!

Its really a simple mod that shouldn't take long and would make me happy!

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get one of these


Mine only cost a fiver inc shipping

it has a built in stand so you dont need to hold it

you can also have fun with it, you can pretend to be a mobile gatso

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Alright, I just went out and check my P2...if you open the boot, both the boot and interior light come on...if you open the doors only the interior light comes on, the boot one stays off.  :thumbsup:

Thankyou ...... an answer at last :thumbsup: !

Wonder why when you open the boot they both come on and not when you open the door - hmm

I'll just see if I can get hold of the boot light and wire it up.

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why dont you get one of those lights that you put in trailers that you just stick to the side of the boot or under the parcel shelf and you press it to turn it on or off i.e. it has batteries in it. batts would last ages though cos you wont have it on very much

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