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Different Gt4 Models

michael urwin

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Hi all

I'm new on this forum, just after a bit of info on all the various gt4 models. I used to own a standard uk version gt4 (1991 model) and i am now looking for another one but am not quite sure of all the available models and there standard bhp. I have seen models advertised on autotrader like a wrc gt4-s which has 260bhp standard and some that have 240bhp standard, some that are described as widebodied etc. What are all the variants?? and which is the best buy???

any help appreciated



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The old GT4 (mk5 1990-1994) was featured as a narrow or wide body type. Im unsure as to the details because i never owned a mk5.

It was either the standard @ 201bhp or the Carlos Sainz @ 205bhp

The MK6 came in these guises:

UK Standard - 239bhp

US Standard - 242bhp

Jap Standard - 255bhp

The Jap WRC Gen 6's have over 260bhp standard.

:arrgg-matey: I would say these are the best to buy if you can find them.

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