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I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra 4x2 and tow a trailer with about 2500 lbs. Can you give me any advice on what I can use to

1). stabilize the backend (someone said air shocks) and

2). give me a little better performance since I do allot of highway driving.



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I say that you should put some air bags inbetween the frame and the springs, that would greatly increase your load carrying ability and it would help stabalize the backend. There are many kits for bags out there. If you get an onboard compressor then you can adjust them anywhere for changing loads. The air shocks are really not worth your time, they will just make your rear end way too stiff, plus they are tempermental when it comes to adjustments. I don't plan on doing much towing but I am currently designing a totally adjustable air bag system for offroading and for the luxary of the adjustable ride height. Up and shared air in front and rear for offroading, down and independant air for the highway, plus when I am done I should be able to make it ride like an old mans caddy. :thumbsup:

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I would also consider a rear anti sway away kit. You can get info at www.summitracing.com Basically it stabilizes the rear with turning capabilities and overall manuverability "especially for paved road driving".

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