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Best Tyres For The Yaris

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I got some 195/55/15 Dunlop SP sport 9000 on my SR which was factory fitted. Never really gone round bends very fast, but they seem quite grippy when its dry which is good. Although in the wet i have felt it lose grip before especially around corners .. but thats when i'm going fairly fast-ish :D

But i havent really had any other tyres to compare with as these ones are still very new, so maybe these are already better than some other brands. The only real problem i have with them is the road noise. I dont know whether its the tyres or the suspension (which is standard SR ones) or a combination of both, but every other car i've been in seems quieter and easier on the darn pot holes :ffs:

Oh yeah and another thing .. checked for the price of these on a site recently and they are about £90 a tyre!!?? :huh:

Seems a bit steep to me .. maybe someone could shed some light :thumbsup:

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Hi everyone

Just recently up graded my wifes yaris t sports tyres from 185/55/15 Bridgestone. To 195/50/15 falken ze-512. And i must admit that the grip level has improved having the bigger tread and they look heaps better to :thumbsup:


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i am now running toyo proxes t1-s 195/50/15 they cost me £40 a tyre fitted and grip like nothing on earth (now to sort the suspension out properly to use all the grip :rolleyes: )

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i replaced my fronts with michelin exalto on the front done 12k and have about 2-3 mm left and they are much better than the OE i can pull away with strong rev's in the wet (unless i go over board) unlike the OE they would just bang the suspension in the slightest bit of wet.

but i am not sure what one's to go for the goodyear f1's or the exalto agian

the cheapest i can ge them for are f1 £240 and exalto £284 for 4 tyres only(toyota own me some new alloys in april) from www.mytyres.co.uk


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18k on the rear? - I just part-xed a fiat punto jtd (for a Yaris D4D) with almost 50K miles (80000 km)on the clock - with the original 185/60x14's on the back! On it's second set on the front though - and still 4mm on those.

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