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Yaris / Vitz Kit

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Some one on another msg board recommended this site, I have just spent £1207.06 + shipping + fitting (on paper of course!). I just wish I actually had the finance.

Any one to sponser me :lol:

Body Kit - choose the company C1 Motorsports and select Vitz.

I want the RS Carbon Aero Bonnet, Front Spoiler and Wing. Also the company called Ganador do some lovely Carbon side mirrors :eek:

Oh well - maybe I should start selling my body to get extra cash. :censor: But i dont think i will get much for it :D

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Hi miss t

Great web site. Like you said they have got some really nice kits there. I think we will have to get someone to sponsor us ah :P


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I like the carbon 'garnishes' a lot. That carbon bonnet is wicked.

I drive a Chilli Red YTS. I've thought about a red and black colour scheme as it means I don't have to paint the black trim that is already on the car. That with black chrome coloured wheels.....

I've heard that you can get a decent amount of cash for a KIDNEY and still lead a normal life. he he.

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sell the parts in the uk

TOYOTA YARIS Carbon front lip £ 289.00

Front half spoiler £ 239.00

Eye lids £ 99.00

GT Carbon bonnet £ 499.00

Carbon side lips £ 539.00

Carbon rear bumper lip £ 279.00

Rear under spoiler £ 259.00

GT wing £ 349.00

so you see its not that bad

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Very very nice. But not so sure about the air intake on the roof?? of is it a spoiler??.

Still i would love to have the rest of the kit. Yes please :drool:


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Have you got a 56k modem - i find it takes ages to load the pics just F5 it a couple of times.

56k modem no way!! Surfin' from my work and we had 10M line in/out! So that is not possible!

Maybe your company has got a firewall that is a bit too picky... Mine was, helped when I turned it off. It does look great the kit.... something like that needed for my CTS aswell....

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