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Mint Condition 90 - 92 Mr2 Wanted (nw)


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In about 2 weeks I wil be in the buyers market for an mr2 preffereably a UK model, T bar, or with sunroof, colour red.

I've been looking in the Autotrader and know for around 2500 - 2700 I can get one if i'm prepared to travel down South or equivalent distances.

I would be interest to hear from anyone within 30 miles of Manchester as i have just sold my car and travelling for hours does not appeal!

The car would ideally have

Under 90,000 miles

At least 6 months MOT (tax would be nice!)

5 speed manual g/box


Electric wins/mirrors/sunroof if not a T-bar

Cd player (although would settle for tape player)

Air con


Anyone out there who is selling a wel looked after MR2 that is similar to the above please let me know!


Email: mark.pearce@talk21.com

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I'ld have to say if you found one for that price with thosespecs I would very cautious and get it checked thoroughly, I know you can pick up cheap twos's but please remember there are a lot of dogs out there if your not careful. Don't get me wrong the MR2 is a superb car and I love them to bits.

For all the elctrics you asked for you would really be looking at an import as the UK cars did not have air/con and electric door mirrors as standard , they were an optional extra.

To find an MR2 in good nic with under 90k and FSH for that price you would be a very lucky man.

Mileage on an MR2 is not improtant as long as it has been looked after, I know people who still take their mk1's around track with over 250k on the clock and the original engine so the condition and how well it has been looked after is more important than the actual mileage on the car.

Hope you find what you are looking for and welcome to the club.


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Check them out thorougly, I went to see one in 'mint' condition for a friend recently, had not had the cam belt changed, the colour had faded hideously, the small rear strut bars had rusted through and the clutch was going.

If you find a good one, it'll last for ever with due care and attention, if you buy a bad one you'll hate the mr2.

I'ld rather anyone buying an MR2 bought a good one as they are superb cars that rbing a lot of enjoyment to a great number of people :D

Good Luck, I'll keep my eyes open :)

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Hi all,

I got a 91 T bar with leather and all the extras (active sound, electric mirrors, etc) in red. Its got 70k with full TOYOTA history and low owners. Its HPI clear and its got no rust or dints etc.

I paid £3250 and i didnt think that was tooooo bad, what you think?


Its now got a CAT1 and 12 disc cd player :thumbsup:

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thanks for the advise

my best mate owns a g limited g reg import which he bought for 2500 about a year ago now which is mint and low milage so you never know what could turn up!

Much appreciated if you can keep your eyes peeled, unfortunatley 2700 is as much as i can afford at the present would be nice to spend 300 and get something nicer.

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This would be ideal for me, if i could find one with more mileage, or try to knock him down on the strength that the mileage is not guranteed:

see attachment for photo

1992 K Reg Toyota MR2 2.0 GT T-Bar

45,000 miles . Air-Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Automatic, C D Player.Japanese Inmport, Mileage and Speedometer in Kilometres(Not Gauranteed) After hours 08736 619853 £2,995.

Irby Motor CompanyDealer's Website Dealer's Location

Tel: (0151) 6485488


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Definately go have a look, the GT is a Turbo if I'm not mistaken and that's a lovely colour on the 2, not that common.

Only concern I would have is for the price, seems low, but as said go have a look, if it's a good'un you've got yourself a good deal but be quick as if it is a good'un at that price it will go quick.

Good Luck, she looks good...

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