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Steam Clean

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Hi all,

Now i know one of the ways to make the engine bay look a bit better is by getting it steam cleaned. However, i am aware that certain engines due to electronics etc means that its best not to do them if you want to continue driving them!

Is it safe to do a gen 2 seo lump??? Anyone done it??? Is it worth it???

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have to agree really. I got the engine steam cleaned on the Audi once and it didn't look much better. Plus the clocks went haywire for a couple of weeks.

Generally water and electronics don't go together.

Like Wild says, a selection of Autoglym products, a million old rags and some patience and hard work will give you the result you want with no problems.

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hmmmmm ok i think i have found what im doing over easter!! lol

Course i was gona do it my self Tim!!! you know im too hands on for my own good!!! lol

Ive been wanting a nice clean bay with polished bits so i think thats what i'll do!!! lol

As a bit of inspiration anyone got any beautiful pics of their own paseo engine bay or any pics of v sexy paseo bays???

cheers guys!


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I got a little bit of water down the plug holes, even though I covered them, took ages for me to clear it, every once in a while it would miss, it was more hassle than worth, the celi has loads of dust on it and could do with a blast but I dont think I will

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Take the car for a long drive first and get the engine hot, water will evaporate from they electrics quicker.

I've steam cleaned loads of cars under the bonnet. If they run like a bag of crap after the wash then there is an issue with the ignition system that needs addressing anyway. Just be gentle round the fuse box etc, best to unbolt all the bits attached to the firewall like the map sensor and fuse box etc, they you can clean it properly. Hitting it all with a load of GUNK OFF stuff in the orange tin makes it come up really clean in minutes, apply it with a new cheap paint brush.

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