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Just after some ideas peeps........

My oil seals need to be replaced on both cams and the crank....so whole front end needs to come off.....all belts and cam fronts......seals replaced and then all put back together

anybody got any ideas how long this should take me...bearing in mind i have access to a proper buissness workshop with all the tackle.....ramps. lifters. snapon tool kits etc......and two of us at it.......

can it be down in a couple of hours :thumbsup::help::help:

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to get access to the front crank seal on mine, just requires removing the front pully. What about the rear oil seal? im guessing maybe 3hrs dunno really..... make sure u set the crank to CTDC and mark the belts etc. Also, where are the cam seals located? dosnt sound like the longest job in the world.....

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ahh, sound like a piece of p :censor: s :D when you take the belt off, mark it in relation to each cog.... it makes retiming a lot easier.... I take it uve got new seals etc. Will you have to remove the timing belt cover aswell... i would have thought so, if you do, make sure youve got a new gasket, or cut one out from a packet of rice crispies... or whatever your favourite cereal happens to be :drool:

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