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Hello to one and all, I've just popped over from the Lexus Owners Club for a bit of advice.

I currently own an IS200 Sport, but around September time I am thinking of purchasing a Supra.

Before the Lexus I owned a 98' M3, and as much as I love the Lex, I am kind of missing the power of the M (not the insurance costs though).

I was just wondering where to look for my Supra, and what I can expect for around £15K ?

Also is there anything I should be aware of when purchasing one ?

Final question, is there much difference between a UK and a Jap one ?

Many thanks in advance :)


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Hi Veece,

welcome.... For 15K u can get a pretty decent Twin Turbo Supra, have a look at Autotrader.co.uk for guide prices. You could import one in urself or go with JIC (http://www.japanese-car-imports.co.uk/)... they r a bit pricey but they have an excellant rep and good service.

Anyway... the basic difference between Jap and UK ones are that UK ones come with full leather as std, bit more bhp but they are a bit more difficult to tune up.

I'd personally go for a Twin Turb Targa Top... if that's not available then a Twin Turbo Manual :).... have a look at http://www.supras.co.uk/ for more info)

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