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Power Steering Failure


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Have just bought a new Corolla T2 5 Door 1.4

Power steering wasn't working on two occasions on date of purchase. Dealer lent me a replacement while new ecu was ordered

Power steering has again failed, but - really worrying - it cut out while I was driving, on two separate occasions within five minutes. Have had the car for 8 days so far (3 of them off the road)

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is my second Corolla. The previous one was a 1.4GS previous model. This had ongoing engine problems, which needed two new ECUs, after pinking and driving round with the engine warning light permanently on. And the engine had to be decoked when less than three years old

I thought Corollas were supposed to be reliable!

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Really sorry to hear of this roy-c, we've had many threads concerning sub-standard shoddy design and assembly problems with the new Corolla, but I think this is the first concerning one issue that is, or used to be, very close to Toyotas heart...RELIABILITY.

I'm sure you're very aware of how serious, and potentially dangerous your problem is, please keep us posted as things progress, I'm particularly interested in EXACTLY what the problem is, and the level of proactivity, and support your Dealer gives you as the repair progresses.....

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Thanks for your sympathetic and prompt reply

Having had time to think overnight, I have now rejected the vehicle on the grounds that it is potentially dangerous to drive

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Good man! you did right, and stood up for your rights. When the power steering fails..not only are you trying to steer with unaided power...but your also trying to turn the drive belts and motors at the same time!!! hence you need to be Schwarzenegger to turn the wheel with the car engine off.

Don't let anyone give you crap over new goods...your entitled the real macoy!!


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