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Starlet Losing A Lot of Oil

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Hi Guys!

Now for a new problem with my 1997 starlet.

My engine seems to be losing a lot of oil recently and if you hold a white piece of paper by the exhaust Oil splats can be seen when reved. Any ideas what this means? Also can seems to be losing power in middle gears.


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Thought it might since bad fuel economy is starting to take over. I have a local Mechanic who looks after my car is really good, but has only a small garage. Is it recommended to take the car to a Toyota garage and get them to hook it up to a computer.

Also the black spots seems to have minimized after putting 5-30 oil into it

. Checked sparks today but they seem fine and oil is clear brown with not gunge anywhere to be seen. Going to grab some injector cleaner tomorrow. Which one do you guys tend to use?

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Problem could also be valve seals gone.

This would be easier and cheaper to fix.

Carry out comp check both dry and wet. If pressure goes up with oil dripped in pot then yes it is rings. If no change then I would say its valve seals.

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