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Mirrors Stopped Moving!


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Hi all, :)

Need urgent advice..

iv had my yaris for like 6months and have had no problems whatsoever...

UNTIL! :unsure:

i decided to put an aftermarket (pioneer dvd/cd/mp3) system in..

i then decided i needed to put a subwoofer and amplifier in..

things wernt as peachy as id thought it would have been..(bass was crappy/drowned out music levels etc)


i removed the amplifier and sub!

I then noticed that my left rear 6x9 speaker wasnt working so i decided to pull out my stereo

and investigate..i found the problem, it had been disconnected(possibly by the stupid security guard at work who thought it would be fun to F**K bout wit my system) nways i connected the wire back..and to my disbelief and shock the stereo was not turning on! i called up a m8 who explained a fuse has blown and that if i attach a red a wire to the yellow wire which were both in the plug going into my stereo, then it should work(which it did) but this meant the stereo would be on even if the engine was switched off, i was slightly worried at first but he reassured me it was fine as long as i switched the stereo off manuaally..ok..so now im driving along happy and what have u...i decide to change the mirror set-up..AND it doesnt work! both left-right mirrors do not move! :eek:

looked through the posts and it seems that a fuse has been blown..

when i checked the fuse diagram beneath the steering column i couldnt figure out which fuse was for what..

and now im worried because i had slightly same problem with my bmw 316 where fuses blew and ended up blowing my car..

I would be most grateful to anyone who can advise me on what i should do so that i dont risk hurting my lovely yaris!

Many thanks in advance!

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