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hey guys i need info. i just purchased a cone type filter for my lovely 1997 4afe corolla matic (dont know the brand, wet or dry type) i made a rubber intake adaptor about 5 inches lenght from a truck intake (neato huh???) the DIY intake has a hole which i inserted a 2 inch long metal pipe for the sensor (or whatever that is). is everything correct? have i missed anything? i havent tried to run the engine with it, but the above setup will use a portion of the factory plastic intake with the factory intake filter housing removed (of course) i will keep a portion of the factory intake from the side of the radiator to the back of the Battery. this way i dont have to relocate the Battery. also is it safe to use a wet type filter dry and vice versa? help!!! email me at olibuli@yahoo.com----

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thanks andy.

so far the only thing left to do is remove the bottom part of the factory filter housing, install everything, oh yeah i still have to find a hole and make a strap down of sort for the cone filter. and make a heat shield from something(no idea yet)

and start the engine :)

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