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Painted Alloys


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Hi All,

I've got some BBS alloys on my Supra that were originally black, but I decided to get the re-sprayed to a silver colour a few months ago. After a couple of months I noticed the paint started to peal, I initially thought that the guy who re-sprayed them forgot to lacquer them, so I decided to lacquer them myself.... however after another couple of months the paint started to peel again :ffs:

Any ideas why this is happening???

Do I need some special lacquer? I just got some form my local Halfords, it wasn't specifically for wheels.

Or do u reckon the guy who sprayed my wheels done a fast one and didn't bother sanding down the alloys? If so does any case does anyone know of any good refurbishment places in London that will give me some spare alloys while they sort mine out and do a proper job of it...

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Do the job propperly.

1/ Get them taken back to bare alloy. You can do any repairs at this stage.

2/ Apply etch primer.

3/ Spray on base coat, Silver, Black etc.

4/ Apply several coats of laquer.

Result........ Nice wheels.... Sorted. :thumbsup:

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