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Insuring A Carina E


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It is 6 years old/covering 10000 miles a year/Glasgow area/ no modifications/myself (with 5+years protected no claims)and son aged 23 with clean full licence for just over a year to drive. Hope this is of use.

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I'm with Tesco car insurance. Check out www.tesco.com.

Am V pleased. You get guaranteed courtesy car too. Am only 25 myself, so the right insurer is important. I have full no claims etc.


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Thanks Stuart but Tesco are quoting me £680 agaist a best quote of £647 at present with Norwich Union. (this is for max. no claims discount protected,comprehensive).Can anyone else help with a company they think might be worth trying?

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Well Tesco and Direct Line are not actually the same company. What happens is that if you use Tesco they act as a sort of 'middle man' - all the insurance side of it is taken care of by Direct Line but it is 'branded' as a Tesco product. It's like my Mortgage which is a Virgin one. Everything is branded 'Virgin' (statements, letters etc.) but I actually have a Mortgage with Royal Bank of Scotland.

Back to the topic . . why quotes should be different between Tesco and Direct Line I don't know but as you say Insurers are funny people.

Want proof they are thieving :censor: - when you get your renewal phone your insurer and pose as a new customer and ask them to beat the best quote you have (theirs !) and they will.

Then when you tell them you want to take up the quote and they start entering your details and learn that you are an existing customer they will not honour the quote.

By the way there are a couple of threads on LOC from people who have had problems with Tesco / Direct Line. Can't remember all the details but I think it was a serious smash in an IS200 and the insurer didn't want to write the car off as they could get it repaired cheaply but not to Lex standards which would invalidate the warranty etc. Anyway might be worth a search

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