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Whining/increasing Revs When Steering.

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Hello, I have recently purchased an Avensis 2.0 CDX (98) and would just like to hear people's possible explanation for what I think is a niggling problem.

When I am at a stand-still or moving slowly (20 or less) and I turn the steering wheel, it makes a whining sound, this I thought was maybe just normal, but unlikely, certainly not a major problem anyway. But more recently I noticed that the revs increase considerably when the wheel is turned at a stand-still, the go up by a couple hundred or so.

Does anybody have any ideas why this might be? I figure it's straining the motor ot something for some reason. If it helps, the power steering fluid sits nicely on the max line.

Thank you for any help.

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This is just the power steering. The 'whining' will be louder at full-lock. An increase in revs is normal.

However, I have also got a Carina E which has a dry bearing on the power-steering pump. This can be a bit noisey. It's been like that for 3 years and is solved by a squirt of 3in1 Oil on the pulley spindle every once in a while.

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