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New Car, Need Help...


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i'll probably get blasted for saying this, but a pug 306 Dturbo. group 5 insurance, excellent fuel economy, you can get an extra 20bhp for free and with no side effects, and good handling. only downside is it'll probs have lots of miles. worth considering, anyway.

for toyotas - an AE86 GT - group 10 insurance, fairly economical, but old.

or, just a run of the mill corolla/carina/avensis. but they're a bit dull!

paseo? sera? unsure of the values of those tbh.

im sure someone will suggest something of interest to you, anyway mate. hope u get sorted :thumbsup: my dad's in a similar situation atm.

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The Pugs not a bad idea, you won't find a Seo for 2k & I doubt Sera?

106 XSi?

yeah, thinking on there are quite a few pugs - if you're not keen on derv, they did a 1.6 XS 306 with the same spec & insurance group.

there was also the 106 rallye as well as the XSi

alternatively, if you wanted to go a bit posher you could get a cared for saab 900, or 190 merc, but then they'll be more costly to run.

could also get a nice honda CRX (maybe V-TEC). group 12 insurance, 130/150bhp, but you'll need to search hard for a decent one.

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