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Speakers In A 2002 Camry Xle


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I have the V6 version of the '02 Camry XLE with the six disc cd changer and the JBL sound. I upgraded he head unit to a Pioneer Elite with XM satellite and MP3 capability. Now I am looking to upgrade the Speakers.

So how do I go about getting to:

1) The rear deck Speakers?

2) The in-door Speakers?

3) the in-dash tweeters?

Any help would be appreciated! :D

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Pioneer good choice, i have a 01 Corolla and a camary is just a bigger version, when i replaced my Speakers, with a rockford fosgate fanatic, i had to remove the entire carpeted peice in the back deck the speaker covers where glued, it should just pop off with a little help, i had to remove the door panel to access the door Speakers, not for sur about your tweeters, good luck,

may i suggest rockford fosgate, if you feel like cuttin to size, put 6X9s in the back, two twelves wit atleast a 400watt amp will give you plenty of bass

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