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Celica Engines?


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Hi. Im thinking of buying a celica engine from ebay. does anyone know exactly how much i would need to save for a 3SFE engine. How much exactly would the engine and the shipping together... also dont worry about telling me about the transmission, i have a friend that will give me one no charge. thanks.

:D :ph34r: :P

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So basicaly its best for me to get a 3SGE? how much would it be? kuz i got a 92 tercel and well i only make 7.35 an hour..... hahah.....

Depends on what you want mate, I got 3sfe which is perfectly adequate at 140 bhp. (unless you want to tear ***** along everywhere)

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The 3sfe is a 2 litre engine with pretty mcuh the same the same bottom end as the 3sgte. The "f" in the title refers to the fact the head is different and is designed primarily for economy rather than power. The "g" on the 3sge shows it has a better head which is designed for performance.


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