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Ae92 4agze Anyone?


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Sorry to say that I'm outgrowing The Beast :( and thinking of selling - but only if I get reasonable money.

I'll get some pictures up this weekend.

This is a metallic silver 5-door model from 1992 (J registered) with full leather black seats. I personally imported this from South Africa in 1999. I have owned the car since 1993. The paintwork is pretty good and I don't think there's any rust at all! The car has always been parked under cover/indoors. The interior is immaculate bar a slight scuff on the side bolster of the drivers seat. Ericsson handsfree kit has put 4 small screw holes in the fascia/dash.

I had the 4AGZE transplant (67000 Kms engine) done in 2000. At the same time I did the follwing mods:

Top mount intercooler (with Levin GT-Z bonnet scoop)

Fesport pulley conversion

Blitz induction

TRD quick shift

KYB lowered uprated dampers

Fensport (Pi) springs

Power steering removed

Air con compressor is still installed but not plumbed in

Sanspeed Dyno had 170hp on the wheels.

Also fitted:

Momo Ferrari wheels (15" with good condition Bridgestone Potenza SO3's - 195/50/15)

Late spec front brakes

Black Diamond drilled/grooved discs front

Pagid fast road pads

Black Diamond drilled discs rear

Fensport supplied steel braided brake hoses

Modern (xenon? from Halfords) headlamp bulbs fitted.

I also have a Dastek Unichip piggy back computer which is not currently connected. There are some specialists in the UK who can program this.

I have just recently had the car serviced at Romford Toyota:

Oil and plug change

New water pump

Timing belt

Front pads

New OE clutch (from what Toyota I don't know probably 4AGE engine)

4AGZE downpipe (and I'm having a cat-less powerflow mid-back made next weekend probably 2.5" bore)

It has a moderate ICE install:

Alpine CD head-unit (on it's last legs)

Alpine 6-disc boot mounted changer (perfect working order)

Soundstream USA 10 10" boxed sub (2 Ohm)

Soundstream 2 Ohm 4" and dome tweeter split with passive crossovers

Alpine 12-band 4-channel graphic equalizer with active subwoofer crossover and BBE

Alpine V12 4 channel amp (can't remember the specs but I have it running the front Speakers and channels 3&4 bridged running the sub) Oh... it's under the passenger seat and takes up just about all the space.

As you can imagine it's low, very hard, pretty loud and crazy-fast for a small car (I honestly wish the brakes were better though). You'd have to pay at least £5000 for this much fun elsewhere! Looking at the list I compiled above I'm already having second thoughts :crybaby:

So any serious offers?

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