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I need some help finding either a Booster or TRD front splitter, i priced up with envy and the booster was £210 with the postage and the TRD one was £295.. i almost choked.. thought thats a bit much for just a splitter.. so are there any cheaper places i could look?

cheers :rolleyes:

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besides ebay and the for sale section, envy is probably the cheapest place you'll find them.

you just missed a booster front splitter at the beginning of the month.

Try prolex uk, they can usually get things aswell, but may be more expensive than envy.

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Thats what you pay for good stuff mate!

yes exactly it, you get what you pay for, you might get some cheap replica thats made out of fibreglass for a fiar bit cheaper but i've been warned that fibre glass and bow in temperature change and the paint quality etc. is affected too.

besides if you hit the expensive one that is made from factory materials it wont break as easy or as mingingly (is there such a word? :D) as the fibre glass counterpart.

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The Booster front lip is fantastic Quality. The fit and the finish is second to none. I have had it fitted to my T-Sport for the last 3 years and I have not managed to damage it yet despite a few close shaves with road kill etc. The best bit about this lip is that we hold it in stock so no 4 week wait from Japan.



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Ill second that - it must be well made... I got stuck on a big kerb yesterday and the sound was awful... but its still there and in one peice.

and the moral of the story is ... avoid new housing estates!

...and badgers :unsure:

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The thing with the phase two yaris is theres not so much talk on body parts for them.

i would like a phase two front splitter please for the t sport

TRD looks absolutely HOT :drool:

Expensive though but PIMP :yes:



PS Not my car unfortunately :(

PPS Anyone seen those front headlights before?

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