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Corolla Wheel Arch Trim Questions


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I've just bought myself my second Corolla GT (1985) after selling my first one over 7 years ago.

The little beaut had been garaged since 1996, one new Battery, pumped up tyres, first click of the key she started.

What a car..!

Anyhow enough babble, The only real thing wrong besides the rear brakes being seized, is that the plastic trims that cover the wheel arches have rotted and are coming away from the arches.

On the actual wing itself are small plastic white clips, now looking at the trims it doesnt seem that the clips would fit into the trim as the holes in the trim looks really big compared to the clips.

Has anyone put the trims on a corolla before? if so did the trims originaly have a small holes for the clips to fit into or have I got pieces missing or does it sound like the metal inside the trim has rotted and that the holes have completley corroded away.

ta in advance.

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