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Engine Swap


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just bought another celica cos its in better condition body wise than mine but as always theres a downside :crybaby: the engines kaputt..i hope to transplant my engine i already have but it is coming off a manual car with aircon and the other is an automatic without aircon,does anybody know if this will make any difference to just doing an engine swap and will i be able to transplant the aircon too.also when i get it sorted i will have a spare car,minus the engine that i will be looking to dispose of so if anyone needs any parts ormaybe the whole car just let me know and il see what i can do..but before you ask both wings are rubbish as is the drivers seat(not found a good one yet)

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if its for the 3S GE engine, read on, if not, ignore it lol

it should be ok to fit the a/c, but youll have fun fitting the pipes for it (as in not, yeah?). you will also need to get the longer auxiliary drive belt to turn pulleys for the a/c.

flywheel from the manual engine must be swapped over too (autos have torque converters).

i found the hardest part is getting the engine to sit in the bay, as it leans at an angle (approx 45 degrees??). it took me and me mate about 2 hours to do using a large space (concrete floor) and an engine cradle. not forgetting plenty of swearing, getting injuries to fingers and arms and a day to recover from the strain lol.

this is just off the top of my head, so if the engine is the same as mine and you need any advice just ask

hope it helps n have fun

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well, you could always look at it as less weight, and less time with the car off the road.

oh, and mark off as many nuts bolts as you can with numbers and the same number where they came from on the engine, so you got a cross reference- nothing worse than forgetting where things go lol

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