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Hi people...

By way of introduction, my name is Michael, and I hail from Canberra (Australia).

My current vehicles are a 1982 KE70 "XX" Corolla, re-powered with a 100KW 4AGE (as fitted to early 90's Corolla GTIs/SXs) and a 1989 MX83 Cressida, also re-powered - only this time with a 1UZ-FE V8 as fitted to Toyota Soarers/SC400s or Toyota Celsiors/LS400s (among others).

Additionally, we are importing a fully-specced 1989 Celsior from Japan next year (under the "15-year rule").

So, again, "Hi".

BTW. my web-site (dealing with the Cressida) is:


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Welcome to TOC mate. How is it down under.......

Can you give a brief explanation of the '15 year rule' for me please...

Isn't it where the Japanese aren't allowed to drive anything older than 15 years old?

Welcome to the club Michael.

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Thanks for the welcome/s guys...

Briefly, our import rules here are pretty strict (in order to protect the local "industry"); thus the importation of cars generally is either difficult or costly (or both!)

However, if the vehicle in question is 15 years or older, it can be brought in relatively easily, without a lot of the compliance hassles associated with newer vehicles...I guess the rationale is that, if the car is 15 years old, it isn't "competing" with newer vehicles, and isn't likely to hurt the local manufacturers...

The Japanese laws relating to their vehicles (The "Shaken" inspections etc), kick in, as I recall, when the vehicle is considerably younger than 15; 3-5 years old, I think.)

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