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Window Circuit


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I am trying to get the windows to roll all the way up using a scorpion 1014T2 alarm, but I am getting nothing, its not even moving a mm, i think i understand why, the window controls only work with the ignition on, I am trying to close the window(using the alarm) with the ignition off, so I need a relay circuit which will power the window circuit and also create a negitive trigger for the c-locks and windows

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There's nothing to stop you using a couple of relays! Also you need to think about the closing signal. Some will give the windows a close signal for a set time. But if the window is shut then the motor is loaded for this entire period. Not good!

It's easier on windows that have the one touch close function as they have their own loading trip built in. Otherwise you have to think about that yourself or maybe limit switches.


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