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London Day Trip


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Don't you hate it ..... being know as the Computer Guy to family and friends :rolleyes: :P ;)

ARGH, why cant I say no to people.

Landlady just asked me if I could fix her sons laptop on thursday, and I said yes.

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oops sorry I was at football.

Can I come over? I need a shower.

land lady ripped the shower out on monday and I was told that the work would take two days, so today I put load of deodorant on today.

Now I've been told that the work will be completed on wednesday, so I will have to have a shower on thursday

Its not just me I found this survey

Do friends and family ask you to fix their computer problems?

Many of us are developers, not hardware or third party software specialists. Even so...

Option Votes %
Yes, constantly 894 votes, 58.93%
Yes, occasionally 554 votes, 36.52%
Not any more 56 votes, 3.69%
No, never 13 votes, 0.86%

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Nah just filming the football

I'm at a leaving do on thurday(YES, i dont have to fix the land lady sons laptop) and a chinese night on friday

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FFS "^%£%**, ARGH!!!!

The effin bathroom is still not sorted, ARGH!!

What wife?

what are you talking about?

you're weird.

I need you to come with me cos I dont want to be there on my own, the last time I went to the bed shop, I was the only one there and the staff were staring at me, maybe because I was the only one in the shop. I wanted to jump on the beds, but I will only do it if someone else does it. And the beds kind of look small, dont know if they are "show beds" or that they look small cos they are all together.

I've....erm... kind of overspent a little bit....oops

I didnt realize how much bed, fridge, cooker, washing machine, etc would cost. 50-100 quid is ok for the bed, but then the mattress is 800 quid, I seriously dont know what I am doing

Oh and I've still got 11 weeks of rent to pay aswell, I'm sure I paid 8 weeks rent last month... oops... I might have to check to see if that is correct

Not told the land lady about the house yet

Then if I get some time, I'll look at your laptop

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You must be really stinky. Gosh why are you so behind in your rent? How long is your notice period? You should tell her now if your planning to move by beginning of may. Looks like you will have to put everything on your credit card, I might need a few things too.

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The bathroom better had be finished today, Im going out tonight

Its because I still have to pay rent when I'm in Manchester or out of the country, no one else here does that.

Not going to stick too much on the card, I wont beable to pay it off in 56 days

gonna see if I can get an interest free loan

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now I've been told that the bathroom wont be finished until Monday, so erm, theres a lot of water all over the bathroom... oops

I'll need you this Saturday cos Im in Palma on Monday to Thursday

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