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Help Turbo Problem


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Just got my car Supra MKIV back from the insurance approved body shop and they've made a real mess of things :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: !!! On the clock it only looks as if they drove it 5 miles... but I suspect they drove it much more and fiddled with the clock!!!

For a start they didn't put the door on properly... u can hear alot of road noise when u get to 60 mph... alot more than usual. Then they managed to damage my side skirts (which they kind of denied :ffs: ), the toyota Badge at the front is missing, but worst of all my turbo seems to have messed up. I drove it about a mile down the road when I picked it up (and I wasn't driving the car hard at the time) and all of a sudden I heard a sound similar to blow off valve and then the turbos started to make a louder woshing noise (not a wistle any more) but no boost seemed to be going into the engine!!! Does anyone know what the problem could be???? I suspect that the inlet from the Turbo to the engine has blown? or do u think it is something more serious? The turbos seem to start at the right revs but I have no extra boost in the engine :(.... Do u reckon it is still safe to drive my car untill the problem is fixed (I don't want any more damage done)? Also does anyone have any idea just how much it'll cost to fix.. parts & labour?

I told my insurance company (Bell Direct) about what I think they've done to my car!!! said they'll withhold their payment until they sort my car out & if I have problems they may take them off their registerd list of repaires... right now I am really :censor: off

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Sounds like a turbo pipe has blown off. Would explain the inital BOV noise followed by the louder turbo noise and no boost (all your boost is venting to atmosphere).

Anyone else any ideas?

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would agree with yby check all your pipes from the torbo to the engine. maybe the had to undo a pipe and forgot to tighten it.

if you are unhappy with the standard of repair the contact the VBRA i have posted their address on another topic.

let us know how you get on :thumbsup:


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you cant miss them.. theyre about 3" diameter.. they go from the turbos to the wing, into the intercooler (you will have to remove the wheel arch panel to get access to the intercooler i think), and back round into the other side of the engine and into the inlet manifold.

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