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Radiator Leak - Sealant...

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So the story goes... I take my car to Romford Toyota for a new water pump and other bits including MOT. As part of the checks performed, the cooling system is pressure tested and passes. I finally get my car back, do 40 miles and the car starts overheating... for the first time in 10 years. I also have an oil leak for the first time in 10 years and now a noisy idler pulley.

Obviously I blame Romford Toyota for all these issues, but as you no doubt know they aren't interested in taking any accountability and I can't be ubikd leaving my car with them again anyay i n case they break something else that has been fine forever.

Now my question... Until I can get a replacement radiator or weld, can anyone suggest a good sealant. Unfortunately I don't know where the leak is yet because Toyota still have the car.

Not much info I know, but any suggestions appreciated.



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Surely they have to take responsability for that? :o

The only thing I'd say is replace the rad cap first as its extremely inexpensive & you may as well try the cheapest fix first! You never know it might work! Thats what happened to me with a previous car, had a head gasket failure & spent loads on the car all because of a dodgy rad cap loosing pressure... :angry:

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Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:

Well, I'm sending a letter to customer relations tonight... let's see what they say... I'll save my review of Romford Toyota until I get closure on this.

Also I wish I knew about the Goldmember benefits before having the work done... could have saved a couple hundred :crybaby:

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