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Steering Noise


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just recently ihave noticed a noise which can only be described as a pressure valve letting of steam, it occurs only when the steering wheel is turned full lock in either direction, any one know if this is normal, the cars only done 15000 miles

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Try not to ever use full lock. It's the power steering trying to further than it can actually travel. In the long run your looking at premature motor/belt wear... just like riding the clutch causes premature clutch failure.

If someone tried to bend your leg back to far...you'd let off steam too!


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yep every power steering system does it. this happens because the rack is at full travel and the pump pressurises at this point because it wants to go further. as aforementioned its bad practice to put it full lock if avoidable. apart from doing the pump or rack seals in it can also result in adverse wear in the tyres


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I think that the power steering rack is a minor weak point on the Avensis. I have read this somewhere on the net.

My Avensis has had its rack replaced before I purchased it (55k) and it nearly put me off having the car. However the unit is available as a re-manufactured item so therefore you do not have the buy the genuine item saving you ££££ should it need one.



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Yeah, i get the same with my 2000 Avensis. I generally just backed off the full lock slightly and all is fine.

Its tempting sometimes, as I find the turning circle to be pretty poor at times, compaired to some of the other cars that i've drove.


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