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Yaris Lighting


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im thinking of getting two neons placed above the pilot(lol,driver) and passengers feet area thingy!

i was just wondering about getting it done in the back(above rear passeger's feet),anyone done it yet?would it be a bit over the top???

and does anyone have any good ideas for more intirior lighting?

after that i might invest in undercar lighting to go with my carcept/carzone body kit! but i recently noticed these new(to me anyway) things,you know where the tire air valve thing is?right!well you fit this tiny lil Battery operated lightbulb wich only runs when the car runs,i mean how cool is that?imagine on the motorway/highway/freeway/... you get this kinda blue(green or what eva) ring round your wheel!?! B)

anyway just want to get any tips advice or what ever thanks!

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Front footwells might look ok, how about illuminated scuff plates? As for the tyreflys I wouldn't but it's up to you.

I've got mini one's on the rear shelf, looks ok but it's easy to make all this stuff look OTT.

Wouldn't mind lighting my new sub & box somehow if I get the one I'm after.

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:thumbsup: ive dun my front footwells it looks gud but make sure the neons arent visable, dont do it in the back cuz it will b OTT in my opinion, undercar make sure u get the longest 1's u can on it and do all 4 sides if u r gonna do it, but i wudnt do it if i hadnt got a kit, u hav so go for it if dats ur fing!


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I agree, It looks really naff if you can see the neons. Knightrider is also right if the tubes underneath the car are too short it looks silly and again the tubes must be seen.

I've seen a couple of car near where I live and one has blue lights underneather that is done very well and doesn't look bad except he then went and put those little lights on the washers (naff) The other car is a white fiesta with red noen the tue is too short and you can see it it really looks horrid.


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