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The forum went screwey... then it wouldn't let me log in, saying it didn't recognise my name.. so I had to re-sign up.. now I have sero posts again.... :(

well.. at least I got a sig and avatar up.. :) thanks to ap_coupe !!

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If rhaines was here he'd die! :lol:

And anyway guys it's a little selfish saying 'i've lost half of my posts!!!' :angry:

Steve has lost alot of stuff and forum will need alot of help from its members to get it back to where it was... we should look forward and not dwell on this. :yes:

I'm in favour of getting rid of the posts altogether to solve that problem, well... then we'll just have to piece things together unless Steve can find a more up to date backup!

I'm with you steve m8, anything I can do just ask :thumbsup:

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This can happen quite often with forums, they can screw themselves (ahem) up quite easily. It looks like the forum database had become screwed, and a version from August 28th has been restored, hence a lack of people from the 29th onwards, and hence why my signiture is a little out of date. Oh well never mind, **** happens!

Still at the end of the day, surely the participation on the forum is more important than the number of posts generated?

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