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Please don't ask me how this happend, or discuss how this might have happend, and please no posts saying im sorry to see that, or words to that effect thanks. :)


http://www.biggaybear.co.uk/tcs/ (rest of pics)

As you can see I have buggered it up quite a bit, the paintwork I can get done, and the splitter at the bottom although bent, I can live with for the time being, or hit it with a hammer to get it back into shape :lol:

From what I can gather (not gone out to have a proper, proper look just yet) I need,

Both foggies,

Both Sidelights/Indicators


(oh and panels spraying!)

Anyway what would be a great help from you guys would be 1.) anything I havent/may not have spotted 2.) where I can get the parts I need from (prefferably with goldmember discount) second hand.

Also any general advice on fitting etc welcomed :)

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