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Urgent : Bulbs!


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Ok heres the deal, just ordered a clear repeater/sidelight set from fensport, however it doesnt come with bulbs <_< And they dont sell the bulbs <_<

And I can't drive anywhere to get the bulbs myself, so I will have to cadge a lift off a mate, anyway that's not the point, does anyone know where I can get some orange bulbs for this from? as I need to drive to the sprayers on saturday on some quite busy roads, so not being able to indicate is pretty dangerous :ffs:

The chap at fensport said something about "motorfactor" selling them, but I have no idea where they are, and I don't think there's one in Nottingham either...

edit -> thinking about it, does the car have any spares in it? you get spare fuses afterall


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A thought for you mate...

Why not buy some orange glass paint and simply paint the existing bulbs??

I dont actually have any bulb at all, both indicators on either sides have been knocked out, however if worst comes to worst I will see if the sidelights are the same as the indicator lights and paint them, but then I have to find some orange glass paint... I would preffer to just get the bulbs!

Good suggestion anyway thankyou :)

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erm... I just thought.....

my motor is in for a major service right now. I gave them some clear corners and told them to put them on also...

Now would I also have needed the orange bulbs ?? DOH !! Hopefully if so, they have fitted them also. It is a Jap car place after all.... DOH !

Never thought of that one.. thought the existing bulbs would do.

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