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Ta22 Needs A Bit Of Help From U Guys

40 cent

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hey guys, im new to the forum, my name is grant. i own a celica SA63 and bought a ta22 3 days ago, thats when the problems started. i paid around $1000 australian for a ta22 that had a 2tg motor swapped into it. the car is a bit rough and ran absolutely awful, but i bought with my heart and wanted it. drove the car for a bit thinking it was just the carbies, and now all of a sudden the motor has completely seized up. it had little oil in it so it could be that? i think it also might have been piston slapping and i may have screwed it that way? anyways, if it is the latter i was wondering about my options? i wouldnt want to spend an insane amount but i want a nice quick little celica. ive heard that i can put 3t pistons and stuff like that in it? what else would i have to replace to get it running and to help performance? any information here would be great. would it be much dearer redoing my motor with 3t stuff than just replacing the existing stuff(if i need to)? so yeah, if you guys could gimme some help in regard to how to get myself a fastish little car out of this mess id greatly appreciate it. thanks for your time/opinions and info!


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*****, questions, questions...

You can fit 3T pistons - the 2T block can be bored out to fit - you're only problem is finding anything for 2T-Gs or 3Ts in Aus.

You're best bet is to ask the same question on


Its mostly Aussies with a lot of experience with early Celicas, so at the very least you'll make some useful contacts.

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