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Hi fellow toyota pilots

I have had my Rav4 for 3 years now and added many Japanese accessories, I have been to Japan many times and brought back some really cool stuff - Japan's accessory shops are sooo cool, wanna spend all my money there, but then there's the prob of shipping it back! :ph34r:

I recently bought an MR2 Mk1 (1988) a classic I hope and slowly bringing back to it's full glory - almost there! I have tried to keep it as original as possible but have lost the original alloys, the ones I have are ok but would like to change at some point and put some meaty tyres on it. I have General 235's on my Rav and the road holding is superb!

I am looking to join a meet at some stage if you'll have me in my Rav or my Mk1! :thumbsup:

Cheers for now!

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Hi MidShipPilot

Welcome to the club mate :thumbsup: Glad that you like the site. Here you can find out some useful things about your beloved Toyota :yes:

About meets there is a hertfordshire meet coming up on the 7th December. It's not a Toyota owners club meet. But it's a jap meet organised by one of are members so if you got the spare time come on down and join the fun :thumbsup: Checkout the link :thumbsup:



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