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Awaiting My Bodykit...


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Ok... I've now ordered all of my bodykit bits and bobs... just waiting on them arriving.

I alread have the Autopista Rear Wing and Toms Side Skirts (thanks to Russ!).

Still waiting on my Pheonix Power front and rear splitters and my Bomex Nose.

When they all arrive I'm gonna get them fitted along with a respray to Super Red II. Prob do this about February, as it's gonna cost a bit to get it done including fitment of the parts.

For those of you who were thinking of getting skirts from Russ..... think of your poor neighbours if they have to accept the parcel for you.

Look at the size of it !! .. lol


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Russ, if I buy the TRD wide body kit...you interested in making copies and flogging em ?

50% - 50% on the profits ?

Obviously we'd have to make a subtle change here and there to avoid law suits !!!

what do you reckon ?

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Havnt got a clue how to go about it.

Not into computers



I could knock something up in my spare time mate... like I said in my spare time.. so it would be a couple of weeks.

You could setup a paypal acount or something similar, and people would simply add items to there shopping cart.... quite easy.

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That's not a bad idea from the both of you NIPPON & Jimlad.

Sort out a site for russ, then we can also buy kits and get him to replicate 'em and sell them on. Though 50/50 is maybe a bit much Nippon ;)

I think between all of us members we can have a fair few different kits.

This'l be REALLY helpful everyone as it'l save importing em, plus the prices can be really competitive compared to other bodykit importers.

Whaddya think?


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My housemate set up a site for Russ and then the hosting company lost everything .. he's not got round to recreating it ..

I've just reciently picked up a 2 megapixel camera .. so I'll be taking pics of the scoops/skirts and lip on my car soon .. problem is that a black car is hard to spot the details in pictures ..

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