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I need urgent help please!!

My Hiace engine has just had it's autopsy and we find it is badly cracked :ffs:

There was a thread here not so long ago where Chris Turner and some others were discussing the 'merits' :lol: of the toyota engine, it appears to have disappeared after the forum crash of recent, on this post was the address of a company offering reconditioned cylinder heads, can someone please help by posting this again, I am running out of gaviscon please hurry :wacko:

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Well if they give you a guarantee on the head then it would be worth doing , most people say that once the new head has been fitted that the performance is brilliant , and it seems a shame that after all that time and money spent that you should out it .

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Yeah Andy they are giving it a 12 months warranty but by the time I have done this I am in too deep for my liking, I voted with my heart when I saw it, not my head at all, made the mistake of thinking the !Removed! had engines sussed and that for the last 20 years they made bullet proof motors, ***** my old sherpa has been more reliable than that, my sherpa has over 110K on the clock and still fires straight away each and every day.

I am getting bitter again :fishyface:

I shall sell it and hopefully recoup all expenditure and stick with cheap cars for a while longer till I can save up some more cash for something newer, although nothing will ever be as luxurious as the Hiace, but more reliable.

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