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Ae92 Aftermarket Parts

Unity Jon

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Hey guys i'm back in the UK after a very interesting trip to SA.

Before i went i tried to compile a list of all the parts people requested, i then managed to loose the list somewhere, i could kick myself, but i was up to my max on my luggage limit anyway.

Autostyle is Massive in SA they are based in Jo-burg which is about 8 hours drive from Capetown where i go so a trip to them is kinda out of the question, but.....

there is a shop in a place called Belville which is 30mins away from my 'in-laws' called 'Racers-edge' they sell exactly the same stuff, in fact i think they order from Autostyle !? the shop is relatively small with mainly 'showcase' parts that they then order in for you, it takes about 3 days for the goods to arrive which is not too bad and they can get everything.

so those that still require parts please email me here jon@unitylowrider.co.uk with your requirements and i will then be able to work out postage and packing costs with the SA postal service and get back to you before completing the order.

sorry i couldnt bring all the parts back directly with me and if i posted them back to myself i'd then have to add on more postage to cover the UK postage afterwards in effect doubling the postage cost and i didnt think you'd want that ?

so a process is set up for you to order Autostyle goodies, check their website make a note of the item codes and then email me with the details and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

NAD and JBM if you'd care to PM me i have some hand luggage for you..... :yes:

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