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A Few Problems


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hi folks

just fitted my blitz filter, custom manifold and full (cat less) exhaust system

for one the engine management light has just decided to come on.

tried disconnecting the Battery to allow the ecu to reset for the new additions but it still persists to come back on about 15 mins later???

been told by ppl on this site to ensure the airflow meter is set perfectly level as this can throw up an error at times and ive done the best i can to do this in the way the filter is fitted

(it is not situated in the way blitz intended it is mounted like the HKS filter towards the backl of the engine bay as it needs to be out the way of my batterys and split charger)

also the car idles a bit erratic constantly revving itself from about 500-900 rpm is as if its going to stall and then kicks itself going again?????

also one specifically for dan - when it goes in for a service will toyota be bothered the cat isnt there or should i put my other system back on


cheers ppl


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at a guess i would say its more to do with the lack off cat in the exhaust. My punto used to the idling thing when it had a dodgy lambda sensor and was misreading the exhaust pressure or summat.

but other than that i aint got the foggiest :(

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just heard from oli and it is due to the lack of cat for the engine management

and i sussed the dodgy idle by resetin the ecu an its fine now

if not !Removed! loud!

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so does your light stay on, or can you fool the ecu so that it stays off?

i don't think there is anyway to stop the light. The CAT is gone?

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