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Gear 4 Shifts To Neutral When Driving!


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Could well be that the engagement dogs on 4th gear are worn. This will cause the gear to jump out when sudden changes or reversals of torque are applies, i.e. when you lift off the throttle...

How to test:

Accelerate gently in 4th gear, and while doing so, gently push the lever toward neutral and see if it pops out, compare to gears 3 or 5. If its a lot easier in 4th then the gearbox is in need of internal surgery. The torque applied to the gear by the engine acully helps to keep it engaged. but if the engagement parts of the gear become excessively worn, it will pop out for no reason.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the help. For your info mine is an manual gear box. I went to the mechanic and they suggested i chain the entire gear box & after reading the comments here and my other forums this is the best way to deal with it.

So i got a 2nd hand gear box.

thanks again

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