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Gurr More Problems....


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Right, yet another problem.......windscreen washers no worky....

Went through an mot today, %$( knows how it passed.....?

Anyway, tis full of water, try em and the wipers go.....noise from around the powersteering area but no sign of water.....

AFTER i stop trying them the noice inthe front continues.......very odd so im thinking its not the washer pump.....

Questions: where is the washer pump? anything special i need to know before i try and get it working at the weekend......?

Anyone got any ideas as to what may be wrong?

Just a though........washer pump would be in the bottom of the bottle?

Electrical fault - fuses, chopped wire, knackered switch.

Plumbing - blocked, detached.

Main thing is i need to know where the pump is so i can atleast test it....


Just had a thought the pump would be int he bottom of the bottle .......?

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Careful if you poke them with a pin. I can't remember if the jets are plastic or metal. If they're plastic you should find something else, softer, or you risk deforming the jet holes. Check for disconnected/blocked pipework too.

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Cheers for the replies, even the playschool ones :D

I can tell if its the nozels by just disconecting em and seeing if anything comes out, think its an electrical problem......seems a common theme in my car :ffs:

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