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hey mattmr2 yeah thanks for the advice it helped alot. but also i have seen alot of you guys talking bout how you like the h&s exhaust over anyothers. i have been searching for it on the internet for days now and can't find it. i found many others, for example the greddy sp, the blitz and i like both of these but don't know how either sound on my car. i would like to know a website to see the price on a h&s exhaust so that i can start to compare prices. so hopefully you guys can just give me the address to the website. thanks

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I'm not sure but don't think H&S do a standard MR2 exhaust, i know a while back there was a group order on H&S but there was the option to have different componants - like you do at a powerflow dealer. Check out these two links,

H&S website

H&S fitted to an MR2, half way down the page.

There is a lot of respect for H&S which basically comes down to the build quality, at the top of the tree you can get a fully hand made stainless system for about £600ish, but i've been told there fairly loud, which doesn't bother me, but it might you.

Just as a final note there will be a Revision 6 twin exit exhaust available for the turbo in the new year, which should have comparable quality to the H&S - but not at H&S prices, which is nice!

Matt :thumbsup:

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